JUSTINE Independent Consultant Course

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Introduction – START HERE

Length: 5 minutes

Welcome, new business owner!
Yes, you are a now a business owner, with only a few brochures and the joining fee that you already paid to join Justine, you can now earn thousands extra every month.

How Your Account Works

Length: 9 minutes


Learn all about the different type of Justine accounts and how to manage your account with confidence.

How To Place Your Orders

Length: 12 minutes


There are various ways to place your own orders. Online, via SMS, via your mobile or by completing an order form and sending it to Justine.

How To Track Your Orders

Length: 10 minutes

Delivery takes about 4 to 5 work days, if you are waiting longer than that for your order you will be able to track it to see where it is.

How You Get Paid

Length: 10 minutes


You can get paid as a consultant and later when you build your own team, as a business leader. Learn how it works by completing this lesson.

How To Read Your Invoices

Length: 8 minutes

Learn how to read your invoice so that you can be sure and confident on how to manage your account.

Justine Call Center Contact Details

Length: 3 minutes

To follow up with where your orders are to deleting orders or asking for your account balance can all be done by call the Justine call center.

How To Get Customers

Length: 8 minutes

The more customers you get, the more money you will make. Learn some tips and trick in this lesson to grow your customer base and your business.

Introduction to JUSTINE Skin Care

Length: 5 minutes

A skin care customer is a regular customer who will order to you at least every 2 to 3 month in order to re-supply their skin care range. Learn what to recommend to your skin care customers with this lesson.


Length: 7 minutes

Justine Rewards

Top Sellers are spoiled with free brochures, free products and extra incentives throughout the year.

The Next Step: Becoming a Leader

Length: 5 minutes


To earn more from your Justine business you may apply to become a leader to not only earn from your sales but also from the sales of each consultant in your team.